Medical Aesthetics Montreal


Acne & Blemishes Restore your self-confidence. Several quick and easy treatments will help you feel and look better.

Body Contouring/Fat reduction Stubborn fat cells need elimination. The only non-invasive effective fat cell destruction technique that requires no downtime.

Brows Fine lines and wrinkles may appear with age. If you are looking for a refreshing look, here are some options.

Buttocks lift/enhancement To enhance or lift the buttocks.

Chin (Submental Fullness)

  • Commonly known as double chin, the submental fullness can be addressed with 2 treatment options: Belkyra or CoolSculpting

Cellulite To decrease the appearance of cellulite

Complexion To improve the overall blemishes, skin tone and texture and give your skin fresh glow.

Excessive Sweating Sweating is normal but when it gets in the way of your everyday life know that there is an effective way to control excessive sweating using neuromodulators like BOTOX Therapeutic. It can safely be used to treat sweaty hands, sweaty feet and sweaty underarms.

Eyes We look to soften lines around the eyes by restoring volume and lifting brows to obtain a more restful look.

Face Shaping Dermal fillers help transform chin, cheekbones, jawline to help achieve youthfulness.

Facial Volume Dermal fillers help recreate volume that was lost because of aging. You will feel refreshed and look refreshed.

Hair thinning/loss

Hands Your hands often give away your age but they don’t have to. We have several treatment options to take away sun damage and restore volume.

Lax Skin Skin tightening is the answer to lax skin.

Lips Many experience uneven lips to restore your smile and add some plumpness.

Neck & Chest The neck and chest are overexposed and underprotected whether it be due to sun damage, pigmentation, laxity and/or aging.


  • Rosacea symptoms include redness and flushing. We have some treatment options to control and minimize rosacea.
  • Treatment Options: IPL Photorejuvenation, medical grade skin care

Scars Scars can form and leave unwanted marks on your body and face. We have treatments to help minimize and/or eliminate.

Skin Tone & Texture Prevention is key. Medical grade sunscreen as well as several treatments to keep your skin looking tone and improving your skin texture.

Urinary Stress Incontinence

Vaginal atrophy/relaxation

Wrinkles, Lines & Folds Wrinkles, lines and folds appear as we age. We offer treatment options to control and reduce for a more youthful look.